Pá.ú.lú is a Brazilian born artist based in the UK. From his garden studio in Buckinghamshire old forgotten objects get a second life.

Pa.u.lu‘s works are inspired by the stories that the found objects he is working with tell. His most recent works are part of a project called “Servery” (this is the old name for the bar area in pubs).

For Servery the works were inspired by an old broken pub chair the artist found down an alleyway in central London. Dismantling the chair to analyse its looks, he then started research on abandoned pubs around England.

His passion for history and old objects has helped when researching objects to include in his boxes and other works such as the watercolours inspired by pubs and that, according to the artist, “were requested by the chair”.

Pá.ú.lú has since he was a young artist used paper as the medium of his works and has created pieces using origami and paper cutting techniques. After moving to the UK he started to explore other materials such as wire and found objects. During the Foundation course in Art and Design 2015-2016, he discovered assemblage art, and has come to understand that this is his preferred way to tell stories.

Pá.ú.lú is influenced by artists such as Joseph Connell and Louise Nevelson, particularly Joseph Connell’s intricate boxes that tell stories and are composed by a multitude of elements. Pá.ú.lú is fascinated by the colour and composition present on his works.

The works on Servery project comprise Assemblages, some resembling the shape of a box, and others just inspired by, but not in a box shape, plus watercolours, using a dark dirty, rusty palette, all following the neglected / abandoned pub theme.

That artist’s passion for the local history of the places he lives has made him concerned about the loss of these places that he calls “little local museums in the shape of cabinets of curiosities, accessible by everyone in the local community”. His intention was to call attention to this theme and try to make more people passionate about old pubs, perhaps changing their current situation.

In the foreseeable future, Pá.ú.lú plans to continue with his assemblage works whilst continuing to use upcycled materials giving them a second life. He also plans to continue exploring the history of places and things around him In order to bring this into his future art works.


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