Botanical Ilustration

I always get fascinated by the imense detaling present on Botanical Ilustration and  am enjoying very much to read and admire Basilus Besler’s Florilegium book.


I believe that the first time I heard about this kind of art was when I started to research Milton Cunha’ s work as a Brazilian carnival artist.

In 1994 he developed a work for the Brazilian carnival group Beija-Flor in homage to Margareth Mee

Desfile Beija-Flor 1994

I then got to know about Mee’s amazing work and courage to travel to the Amazon in 1956 to make beautiful Botanical Ilustrations. 

Last year I was able to aquire this reproduction of one of her ilustrations and now I think about that parade and Mee’s history and talent every time I look at it.


Website domain

I am so glad I have finally registered the domain for both my professional website and the Gres museum one.

Now I can make them the information center about for all my projects. And all info from social midia will be linked to this main website.

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